Impromptu RP (TVD) - V


Grace Dan & Damon
Caity Amanda

Damon: "Really you should be more mad at him, he had sex with your daughter."

Dan: "Really Damon.. Really?"

Dan: "You killed her.. er.. boyfriend? Was he her boyfriend? "

Damon: ".. well ex I assume..."

Dan: "Yeah.." *he tries to mime a slit throat*

Damon: "My bad."

Dan: "That.. and you made Eva a vampire hybrid thing.. tell me again how I'M worse"

Damon: "Oh this again... it worked out okay, didn't it?"

Dan: "We're tied up, being tortured by my mother-in-law.. I would not judge this as 'okay'."

Damon: "I've had worse nights out.."

Dan: "Man i don't even wanna know what you mean."

Amanda: "So are you love birds going to continue bickering or shall we get this show on the road?"

Damon: "No worries sunshine we're just having a bit of a chit chat..."

Dan: "I'm starting to wonder if she even PLANS to torture us.."

Damon: "this is just boring."

Dan: "I have places I gotta be."

Damon: "Like where."

Dan: "Why do you care?"

Amanda: "It's nice to see you're both just as excited as I am. Who'd like to go first? How about you Damon?"

Damon: "How about me? Well I'll have a peperoni, maybe a side of olives, Dan?"

Amanda: "How about vervain?" *takes out a needle with vervain water thingy* 

Damon: *groans* "Not really a fan of vervain on my pizza, what about you Dan?"

Dan: "I'm gonna be extravagant and go for spicy Cajun chicken with some chillies and peppers, maybe a bit of rocket on top. Sound good to you Damon?"

Amanda: *jabs the needle in Damon's neck and pushes on the plunger* "You talk too much."

Damon: *groans* "Surely the rocket would be better as a garnish"

Dan: "You could be right..."

Damon: "I'm always right.."

Dan: "Don't get cocky."

Damon: "Have you met me?

Dan: "True. Well you do seem to be getting all the attention, Damon. I think someone has a crush." *nods at Amanda*

Amanda: *gets the bottle of vervain laced water and throws the water at Daniell* "Keep talking. I'm just getting started."

Dan: "Ah!" *groans* "Defensive are we?" *shakes head*

Damon: "Looks like you're just jealous Dan."

Dan: "No no, she's all yours man, I just kind'a feel like a third wheel you know?" *smiles*

(Grace: God Damon and Dan are trolling the shit out of Amanda)

Amanda: *shoots daniel in the head* "Good, now we can have some privacy before he wakes up."

(Caity: I wonder if they had this planned all along. Their conversation seems awfully rehearsed XD )

(Grace: man this is just on the dot. I think they're just trying to piss her off while they're here)

Damon: *looks at the seemingly dead Dan* "Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my alone time as much as anyone but is he..."

Amanda: "Unfortunately no. It's going to take a lot more than that to kill him. But that's okay. I have plenty of wooden bullets to empty into his head..."

(Caity: amanda seems rather calm. though i think she's fuming silently.)

Damon: "Good to know."

Amanda: "That he won't ruin our precious time together? Yeah, I think so too."

Damon: "He was just jealous of our forbidden love"

Amanda: "Vampires don't feel love, Damon. They're emotionless, soulless monsters that walk the earth with an unquenchable thirst for blood."

Damon: "Well that's just inaccurate"

Amanda: "Oh, really? And why is that? Amuse me."

Damon: "Well some of us are emotionless, my brother however loves nothing more than wallowing in his own self pity."

Amanda: "Yes, and your brother also likes to feed on people so hard that he rips the heads right off. Just because I'm dead doesn't mean I don't see what happens."