Physical AppearanceEdit

Allison is a pretty young woman with a round face with slightly puffy cheeks, almond-shaped brown eyes which are sometimes mistaken as doe-eyes, and incredibly pale skin. She is shorter than the other girls in her class, standing
at only 5'2" and while fairly skinny she still maintains baby fat in her face and stomach. She has exceedingly long, wavy, dark brown hair that falls to her lower back.

When she was younger Allison rarely wore makeup and when she did it was very pale and natural. Upon discovering her abilities though, her style became slightly darker and especially her make up. She would wear incredibly dark eye-liner and eye shadow. She also wears dark red lipstick.

Fashion wise Allison chooses to wear whatever she feels like rather than what is popular at the time. Often she will wear more old fashioned style dresses and cardigans that she will pair with brightly colored stockings and a pair of either Converse or Doc Martins. Allison usually wears a large assortment of jewellery, often wearing many different necklaces at once and bracelets stretching up her forearms. The only constant piece she wears is a cuff bracelet with her family crest on it and an amethyst ring that belonged to her Grandmother.


Like her Elemental power, Allison's personality can be tempermental and change from calm to feral in split second. Because of the years of emotional abuse from the other children growing up, Allison chose to remain very closed off and guarded around people. Once she hit her teen she became more rebellious, often fighting back against her abusers where she used to just ignore them. By the time her powers were awakened, she had become very headstrong and refused to let anyone get close to her, with the exception of her grandfather who supported her every move. When the coven began to get closer and understand the different personalities in the group, Allison was less standoffish around them, but still chose to make herself the outsider of the group.