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and exists in the Salem Witch Roleplay universe, created by Kelsi.
She is roleplayed by Caitlyn and can be found here.

Bianca Jonston
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26th April, 1996


16 years old

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Strawberry Blonde

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Salem Coven


Gatsby Bloodline

  • Student

"I'm learning to control it. I'm learning where it comes from. For the first time in my life, I'm not afraid."
Bianca on her powers.

Bianca Jonston, (b. 16th April 1996) is a witch, and one of the eight descendants of the survivors of the Salem Witch Trials, as well as a member of the current Salem Coven. She is a descendant of Elliot Gatsby and the only daughter of Sean Jonston and Eleanor Gatsby, her witch heritage is passed down through her mother's bloodline. Like the others in her coven, Bianca can control and manipulate one of the four natural elements - Bianca can control the element of Fire, giving her the ability of Pyrokinesis.

Prior to the Coven forming, Bianca was one of the more popular girls at their high school. At first she is reluctant to admit to having powers or being out of the ordinary, and often went out of her way to avoid the rest of the Coven. Gradually she begins to form bonds with the others and even offers helpful suggestions about how they should deal with everything. When the Dark Coven comes to town she is scared but proves to be able to keep her head in crisis situations. She begins a relationship with Drake Larson and the two seem happy, she becomes more friendly during their relationship.

Later she is kidnapped by the witch hunters and learns of Drake's true identity and feels betrayed. She is tortured by the hunters for the names of the others in her coven but she refuses to give them up. The cover later come to rescue her but she is more closed off following the experience. Bianca develops a strong friendship with Jessica Davis who offered her the most comfort and was willing to listen without judgement.


Salem Witch TrialsEdit

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Early LifeEdit

Bianca Louise Jonston, was born on April 16, 1996 to Eleanor Gatsby and Sean Jonston. Her parents met when Eleanor left her coven by moving to Los Angeles: there she met Sean, and within a couple of months of knowing each other, the pair were dating.

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