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Dark magic is when a witches white magic has become corrupted and they can call upon powers from unnatural elements and perform spells that a white witch could not (ie. necromancy). Where white magic is limited, dark magic is not, however it is more physically draining on the witch using it and if a witch is not strong enough to control this magic then it can result in physical injury and even death. Mary Darwin was the first witch known by name to have gone dark, though there has been reference to witches before her turning dark. A witch whose parents, or ancestor, have had dark magic is likely to inherit it and this causes them to have little control over both their white and dark magic. Allison Darwin is an example of this, particularly in regards to her elemental power of which she is incredibly strong but also has virtually no control.

It is not known specifically how a witches magic turns dark. Joseph Darwin theorised to Allison that their ancestor Mary's magic had turned dark as a result of the combination living on a magical nexus as well as being in a state of fear where she felt her life was in danger during the Salem Witch Trials. He suspects that James Darwin's magic being corrupted was a result of his romantic involvement with Mary.

Witches known to have gone dark include: Mary Darwin, James Balding, Allison Darwin, Ayden Balding, Adrian Kristoff, Grace Anders, and Scott Anders

  • Joseph Darwin, Terrance Darwin, Helen Balding, and Ryan Balding are suspected to have had dark magic as a result of their ancestors but it never manifested and they were never known to have performed dark magic.
  • Allison and Ayden do have dark magic but have not joined a Dark Coven as Adrian, Grace, and Scott have.

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