Allison and Ayden visiting

An old plantation style home that has housed nine generations of the Darwin family, Allison being the only one not to grow up there thanks to her fathers avoidence of his magical heritage. A once beautiful house, it is now over grown by vines and the outside looks as if it had been abandoned. Joseph Darwin is adament about maintaining the interier of the house however and inside the house is quite modern.

Before the home was in the possession of the Darwin's, it belonged to another family of witches that has since died out. The home holds several secret rooms that the Darwin witches have used to hide both their magical equipment (ie. Grimoires, potion ingredients) and people. During the Salem Witch Trials the small hiding places saved the lives of many people falsely reported to be witches.


Joseph outside Darwin House

When Mary Darwin was hiding from the town after being accused of witchcraft, she hid in the basement of the house and the town set fire to the home in an attempt to burn her out. Mary had used her powers to contain the fire and the house was able to be repaired once the Trials were called off.

Because of the combination of magic having been performed in the home and the fear of those hiding during the Trials, a magical nexus was created. A witches power is magnified in the home, but they are also not at ease within the home if they are not welcome. When standing outside, anyone not welcome inside the house will have a strong urge to turn and run. This is to ensure the safety of the people residing in the house.

Joseph Darwin is currently the only resident of the Darwin home, but Allison often goes to spend her time there and uses the nexus to better focus her powers and learn control.

The Magical NexusEdit

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