Eveline WoodEdit


Eveline Wood, Gabriel's wife.

"I was a different guy back then, okay, I was naïve. I thought if I stayed way from that stuff it would stay away from me, that the hunters would stay away. But back then I was just a stupid, hopeful, kid, and I was wrong. It doesn't matter to them, and I let Eveline pay the price."
Gabriel, on trying to live a peaceful life with good magic.

Eveline was Gabriel's wife,


Evan HartEdit


Evan Hart


Derek MatthewsEdit


Derek Matthews

"You know, man, you shouldn't get so attached to people. She was just a girl, and now she's not. Move on and stop moping about."
Derek to Gabriel

Derek Matthews is an "ally" of Gabriel in only the loosest extent, the two men hate each other, famously. Gabriel and Derek's perspectives about the "war" mn the hunters are polar opposite. Gabriel fiercely disagrees with Derek's practice of killing for the sake of killing. He only associates with him out of necessity.