This roleplay character belongs to Kelsi and Grace,
and exists in the Salem Witch Roleplay universe, created by Kelsi.
She is roleplayed by Grace and can be found here

Grace Anders
Biographical information

2nd May, 1995


18 years old

Physical description




Hair color
  • Brown
Eye color
  • Brown
Skin color
  • Olive
Family information
Family members
Other characteristics
Specific Skills
Specific Weakness

Dark Coven

Significant Kills
  • Student

Grace Anders (b. 2nd May, 1995) is a witch, and a member of 'The Dark Ones' coven. She's the only child and daughter of Jennifer Anders and Zach Anders: her witch heritage is passed down through her father's bloodline. She's the older cousin to Scott Anders. Grace was the first member that Adrian Kristoff "recruited" into his Coven. Throughout the time Grace has been a member of Adrian's coven, she's become known for her Cloaking ability; a power that allows her to hide the presence of herself or others.

Before joining the coven Grace was a member of a coven similar to the Salem Coven, lead by April Evans. Her best friend of the time was Sophia Milton, however, Sophia was seeing Grace's then boyfriend David Watts behind her back, and this caused the friendship to come to an abrupt end. 


Early LifeEdit

Grace Anders was born on May 2nd 1995, in Sycamore, Georgia, to a couple of newly-weds, Jennifer and Zach Anders.

Joining the Dark CovenEdit

During the early stages of her adolescent years, when she was fourteen, Grace lost her parents to the hands of Witch Hunters; this led to her moving in with her grandmother.

Arriving in SalemEdit

Going up against the Salem CovenEdit