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Each of the families has their own spellbook, known as a grimoire, in which the families have added spells and potions that they have discovered/created. Witches tend to be possessive about their magic and as such choose to keep some of their creations secret, even from the other members of their coven. As such, each families grimoire contains some of the same and some different spells and potions. Only five of the original grimoires (families Young, Banks, Kirkwood, Darwin, and Goodbert) from the Salem Witch Trials remained when the grandparents coven unlocked their powers. The three families (Gatsby, Balding, Porter) have since begun their own grimoires over. The location of only two (Young and Darwin) grimoires is known at this point. Joseph Darwin has suggested that the Balding and Goodbert family grimoires have been destroyed.

History of GrimoiresEdit

For as long as witches have been practicing magic, they have recorded their spells/potions/powers in Grimoires for the future generations of witches.

Darwin Family GrimoiresEdit

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A page from the Darwin Grimoire


Darwin family Grimoire

The Darwin Grimoire is currently the property of Allison Darwin. Allison keeps the Grimoire at the Darwin Family Home where it can be protected. The Darwin Grimoire is the only known Grimoire belonging to the Salem Coven that contains spells and potions intended for dark magic (added by Mary Darwin in the two years her magic was being corrupted).

Allison with Grimoire

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Young Family GrimoireEdit


Young family Grimoire

The Young Grimoire is currently the property of Arianna Kristoff. The Young's are well known for being powerful potions makers and the majority of the potions that the Salem Coven currently uses are located in the Young Grimoire.

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Anders Family GrimoireEdit

The Anders Grimoire is currently the property of Grace Anders.

Anders family Grimoire

Known SpellsEdit

  • Gracegrimoire

    Grace with Grimoire

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