Potion brewing

Potion Preparation

Potions are liquids with magical properties. Brewed with the necessary herbs, spices, or other various ingredients, these magical substances can achieve various effects. Although most potions are liquid, they can also exist in other forms such as gels or powders. The effect of a potions depends on the used ingredients or accompanied spell. In order for a potion to work, one has to be magical (and possess the ability to brew potions), otherwise some potions might just be poisonous concoction to the drinker.
Potion ingredients

Potion Ingredients

The Kristoff and Darwin grimoires contain many potions, the Kristoff potions being more powerful as Mariana Young was a powerful potion brewer and wrote most of the spells in the grimoire.

Potions can be used in various ways. Some potions are meant to be consumed to be effective, while most potions can be thrown at the target or shattered on the floor in front of them.

• Notable potion brewers include: Mariana Young, Eugene Porter, Patricia Young, Charles Gatesby, Robin Porter, Marc Banks, Arianna Kristoff, Daniel Kirkwood, Bianca Jonston, Grace Anders